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Actress Lena Headey looked as crisp as a winter morning as she arrived for the SCREAM 2011 awards at the Universal Studios Backlot in Universal City, California on the 15th of October. The Game of Thrones vamp chose to go with the androgynous look for the event. Her ensemble did, however, have a bit of a feminine edge.

Lena donned a loosely-fitting gray suit with matching tapered pants. She wore a black top with a plunging U neckline under the suit. The skin exposed by the revealing neckline was offset by a small pendant necklace as well as a longer one that fell almost to the waist. A pair of navy blue pumps added the subtle touch of color.

Her hair was cut short and left slightly messy, while her bangs were swept to the side. She kept her makeup to a minimum with only pink lips and some light eye makeup. A little black clutch completed the look.

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