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Video of me getting my head tattooed…from start to finish.

Video: Female Rapper Infinite Starr Tattoos the Side of Her Head

Infinite Starr went under the ink gun twice to perfect her head tattoo. It started as a vision poorly executed the first time but completely beautified by Sketch of Avow Body Art Tattoos and Piercings in Atlanta. Check out the before and after pictures. Celebrity Tattoos : Infinite Starr Head Tattoo Complete
We asked a few questions about her experience and she explains it all after the jump.

Video Below After the Jump

The most asked question : Did It Hurt?
Yes, of course. Most of the pain was on the neck area and behind the ear but the actually head area wasn’t that bad. The vibration on my skull was more aggravating than the pain.

When Did You First Have Your Head Tattooed?
May 15th, 2010

How Many Tattoos Do You Have?

Does Your Hair Grow Back?
Of course.

What does the Koi Fish Symbolize?
My Perseverance, Strength, and Determination to overcome any trials and tribulations in my life. Also good fortune.

What’s Your Next Tattoo
I’m not going to disclose what it is quite yet but once I finish my Geisha on my arm, I want my throat tattooed.

Geisha? Are You Into Japanese Culture?
Yes. It’s beautiful and I truly appreciate their art and culture.

Are you tattooing the other side?
I was originally suppose to but I changed my mind so no.

How long did it take?
Both times, 3hrs apiece. I can honestly say the first time hurt worse than the second time. I took it like a champ and even streamed live on ustream for the entire first time I had it tattooed. I should’ve ustreamed the second time but I was focused more on getting the outlook I wanted.

What didn’t you like about the first time you had your head tattooed?
I hated the fin and I specifically told the first artist to correct the fin on the drawing but he claimed he would free hand it. He must’ve forgotten. Oh and the head of the koi fish the first time was funky looking. I can’t explain it but it wasn’t right, that’s all I knew. Plus after it healed, the ink rejected alot but it’s perfect now.

Lastly, what do you do for those who live under a rock?
I’m a female rap artist. Check out my music at www.infinitestarr.com and buy the new album World on Fire on iTunes

(Props THS)

Check out the first session on the video below. See how Infinite Starr took the pain.

Before & After:
Pictures of the first tattoo session and the second tattoo session

Infinite Starr Head Tattoo Before and After

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